Megan Evans Profile

As a lifelong artist, Megan Evans is always looking for the next opportunity to create and express herself on canvas. She uses acrylic mediums to produce still life, fantasy, impressionist, abstract and nature inspired paintings. Painting has enriched Megan's life and remains a critical part of her day to day activities. She regularly participates in local shows and is always eager to learn new artistic techniques. Megan is also the co-author of the historical fiction series No Quarter: Dominium and No Quarter: Wenches. If you'd like to explore her book series visit: 

The No Quarter Series.

The Mystic Lane Gallery was named after one of her favourite paintings - Mystic Lane.


  • Student of the Ginger Cook Online Art Academy since 2018

  • Completed various literary classes with the Victoria School of Writing in 2003-2004

  • Graduated from Pacific Design Academy in 1997 with a certificate in Interior Design and Decoration

  • Completed various Art and English classes from Camosun College in 1996

Artistic Affiliations

  • A member of the Sooke Arts Council since 2018

  • A member of the Victoria Arts Council since 2004

  • A member of the Coast Collective since 2008

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